Blind Date: Shooting of producer Amitansh’s new short film completes

Aarna Motion Pictures completed it another project of short film successfully yesterday. In Gurugram they were doing the shooting and which is the hometown of Amitansh, producer of the movie. The new project is a short movie, and the name of the film is ‘Blind Date.

The movie has been finished in the Habiter Boutique Inn. The last film of Amitansh ‘Dulla Bhatti’ was an excellent movie which rocked India as well as several countries like America, Canada, and the UK. Sardar Sohi who was playing the negative character in the Dulla Bhatti got admired by viewers and also got nominated for Filmfare Awards. He also won the best actor award at the PTC Punjabi Film Awards.

Short film Blind Date is shot at Habiter Inn and shooting completed in two days. The film is targeting the youth of the country and this Blind Date concept. He showcased how two youngsters go on a date with the persons they have not seen or know before. Both boys and girls agree to this condition.


Amitansh has done a new work and took the fresh and talented faces in the movie. The date of release is not decided yet, but soon it is going to rule the YouTube. Amitansh stated that youngsters would surely like this movie as this is full of comedy and they will be able to relate this to their life. The best thing about the film is that this movie can be seen with the parents also. He said Blind Date will be available on the YouTube-only and will be released in the Faridabad.


The film is featuring Kajal, Smridhi, Dhruv Raj Bhatia. All the fresh actors and Amitansh also said that talent is in Gurugram and the actors here will go on the top

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