Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass And Its Contents

Fortnite Battle Royale’s season 4 Battle Pass is now here, and it contains more than 80 new cosmetic items to spruce up your gameplay. While it may take some time to unlock what you want – or if you’re a hoarder, everything, we’ve compiled a preview of what’s on offer. Just like in Season 3’s Battle Pass, there are a load of new character skins, three new gliders and five new emotes.

To unlock all 100 Tiers of the Battle Pass will take between 75 and 150 hours, however if you’re not one to grind the levels you can always buy them with V-Bucks, but this will set you back around 14,000 V-Bucks. All players are given a Silver Pass, which can be leveled up and includes a couple of free goodies. If you want to upgrade to the full Battle Pass, your progress will carry over from your Silver Pass, so you won’t need to redo any levels.

Fortnite’s Season 4 Battle Pass is available until the end of Season 4, which is July 9th.


There are only two axes added with the Battle Pass; the Gale Force and the Lollipopper.

Back Bling

This new season of Fortnite, along with the new Battle Pass, introduces two new pieces of Back Bling; requiring a Tier 10 Silver pass for the Standard Issue back bling, and Tier 55 Battle Pass for the Goodie Bag


Three new gliders are added in the new Battle Pass, the Sugar Crash glider, requiring a Battle Pass tier level of 15, the Wings of Valor requiring a Tier 39 Battle Pass, and finally the futuristic Intrepid, requiring Tier 79.


Five new emotes come this season, with the minimum Tier required to unlock one being Tier 26 on a Silver Pass.


The wonderful guys behind Fortnite added seven new skins to this season’s Battle Pass, with two of these skins already unlocked for everyone who purchases the Battle Pass – the Carbide and Battlehawk skins. The Battle Pass’s final reward for anyone who gets to Tier 100 is the Omega skin.


Coming down from the Battle Bus, you can now use one of the five new Trails. While they won’t effect anything but the beginning of the game, why not come down in style with one of these awesome trails.

Loading Screens

There are 9 new loading screens in this Season’s Battle Pass, and while they don’t affect gameplay at all, it’s always better to look at something awesome while you wait for the game to load.


Season 4 Battle Pass introduces 15 new banners, and while these may be overlooked by most players, the gamers who do want to customize their banner now have 15 new ones to add to their collection.

Sprays and Emoticons

The final thing that was added to the Season 4’s Battle Pass was sprays and emoticons – and quite a few of them! The new Battle Pass includes 33 new sprays and emoticons that will let you customize your gameplay – whether your vandalizing the buildings across the island, or taunting downed players with your emoticons.


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