Apollo Hospitals are the technology to detect heart attacks

Having a heart attack is one of the most common types of deaths that happen among the youngest and oldest people in the US and all over the world.

Now a reputed hospital of India, named Apollo has created an AI-based machine with the help of Microsoft’s AI Network, and this machine can trace the heart functioning and to provide a heart attack risk score. The machine analyses cardio-vascular health records. The device was required as the heart attack rate is on an inclined path in India.

Apollo Hospitals

A report suggests that approx 17 million people from around the world died due to heart diseases and the majority of this figure was from India, where more than 3 million people died because of CVD’s or Cardio-vascular diseases that include heart attack and stroke. Also in the urban area, almost 14 lakh people suffer from heart diseases while in rural its 16 lakh.

This is not the first form Apollo chain of hospitals took a step in favor of the public, the hospital is already equipped with the ongoing digitization of patients healthcare, and an example of that is Azure cloud-based Prism system.

How will this machine help?

This machine will give more precise data of heart ailments and will also predict any heart disorder which the patient might have in upcoming years. This period can vary from months to years. The machine will also help people in knowing about their future heart disorders so that they can change their lifestyle and other things which can reduce the risk of their heart failure.

With this, the health checkup could be more accurate and beneficial in favor of the patient. This more vivid health report will also help physicians and doctors to recommend the best medication to reduce the risk of health disorders. It’s like this will allow users to know about their heart much better.

“This analysis should give us deeper clinical insights. So why does an individual with an X genetic, biological presentation have disease X but not Y? Why does someone with the same lifestyle not have the same problem? Computing capacity is enabling us to take this data and generate clinical insights,” explains Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, who lost a patient to heart disease in 1983 because of lack of medical resources.

There are plenty of cases where a patient dies just because of the shortage of time for the treatment so that this machine will help in this case too. This machine will help a person to know that he will go to have a heart disorder so that he can prepare himself or can change his routine.

This will also help India to grow a level up in health score. With equipment of this advanced healthcare, Apollo hospitals aim to serve Indian population with more perfection and probability of getting cured. Hospital chain brand Apollo is projecting to save billions of lives.

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