TRON (TRX) Up 49% Over Past Week

TRON was developed and tokenized in September 2017 and has been making strides in the cryptocurrency world ever since. Like every cryptocurrency out there, prices will continue to rise and fall, however TRON’s rise was nothing but spectacular when it peaked in January 2018 – reaching $0.287933 per TRON on January 5th, when only two weeks before it was sitting at $0.04036.


Since its peak, it gradually fell until March, where the price of TRON began to rise, and over the past week its price increased 48.78%. The price has risen from $0.061772 on April 24th to $0.091901 on May 1st, while the market cap also rose 48.78% from $4bn to $6bn. The 24-hour volume traded increased 125%, from $709 million to $1.6 billion.


This may just be the beginning to a very lucrative year for TRON holders, as its founder Justin Sun announced a few major updates including an increase in network capacity, removal of transaction fees, a decentralized blockchain platform, and token wallets in both online and paper formats.

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